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Roster Of
Capt. Robert Durkee's Company
Captain Durkee's Company
   Captain..Robert Durkee..Wyoming..
Com. Aug.26, '76; served in N.J. and Penn. '77-'78;
resigned May-June, '78; killed in Wyoming Valley Massacre, July 3, '78. Brother Of Col. John Durkee, "Conn. Line."
   1st Lieutenant..James Wells..Wyoming..
Com. Aug. 26, '76; killed in massacre, July 3, '78.
   2nd Lieutenant..Asahel Buck..Wyoming..
Com. Aug. 26, '76; killed by the Indians, Feb. 10, '79.
   Ensign..Heman Swift..Wyoming..
Com. Aug. 26, '76.
Non-Commissioned Officers And Privates
(Arranged from original roll
in the archives of New Hampshire.
(Arranged as follows; Name , Age, Size(Ft.,Inch.) and Remarks)
   Solomon Johnson..31..6'2..
Imployed by the commissary.
   Samuel Cole..43..6'..
Rept. killed at Wyoming massacre July 3, '78.
   Thomas McClure..36..5'10..
July 11th, 1777.
   Ebenezer Skinner..45..5'6..
Discharged Jan. 8, 1778.
   Perigrene Gardner..37..5'11..
   Stephen Preston..27..5'11..
   (Name illegible.) 16..5'3..
   Benjamin Clark..47..5'6..
Discharged July 5th.
   John Cary..16..5'2..
Decead. July 22nd.
   Jesse Coleman..37..5'9..
Decead. Sept. 5th.
   William Cornelius..27..6'..
Imployed by the Commissary July 11th.
   Jeremiah Coleman (Jr.?)..19..5'7..
   William Davidson..17..5'5..
   Douglass Davidson..
   William Dunn (Jr.?)..26..5'10..
(Rept. killed at Wyoming Massacre July 3, '78.)
   Daniel Denton..20..6'1..
(Rept. killed at Wyoming Massacre July 3, '78.)
   Josiah Dewey..22..5'0..
   Samuel Ensign..16..5'3..
   Nathaniel Evans..20..5'10..
Died Oct. 26th, 1777.
   John Foster..27..5'6..
Died Jan. 1st, 1778.
   Frederick Follet..30..5'11..
   James Frisby..30..6'..
   James Frisby Jr...19..5'10..
   Nathaniel Frie..38..5'6..
Died Feb. 10th, 1777.
   James Gould..31..5'10..
   Titus Garret..31..5'10..
   Elisha Garret..36..5'11..
   Mumford Gardner..16..5'7..
Died June 12th,1777.
   John Hutchinson..19..5'10..
   Azel Hide..25..6'..
   Abraham Hemester..25..5'10..
Deserted 2nd, March, 1777.
   Thomas Hill..30..5'6..
Deserted April 17,1777.
   Israel Harding..20..5'9..
   Stephen Harding..37..5'10..
   John Holsted..19..5'10..
   Richard Holsted..17..5'7..
Deserted Sept. 1st, 1777.
   Henry Harding..20..5'9..
   Oliver Harding..20..5'9..
   Benjamin Harvey..42..6'..
Deserted March 18.
   Asabel Jeroms..31..5'9..
Deseast July 31, 1777.
   Job Kelly..26..5'7..
Died Oct. 26th, 1777.
   Stephen Munson..18..5'5..
Dischargd May 24th, 1778.
   Seth Marvin..43..5'10..
Disarted Aug. 18,1777.
   Martin Nelson..28..5'6..  
Deserted Apr.9th.
   Thomas Porter..46..5'4..
Dischargd July 8.
   Aron Perkins..(Torn)..5'2..
Dischargd July 10th.
   Aron Perkins (Jr?)..(Torn)..5'7..
Died July 6, 1777.
   Stephen Pettibone..17..5'3..
   Justice Porter..21..5'7..
Killed Jan. 20th, 1777.
   Ashbel Robinson..22..5'10..
Died Sept. 25th, 1777.
   Ebenezer Phillips..36..5'10..
Dischargd July 5th, 1777.
   Shadrack Sill..18..5'6..
   Elisha Sill..16..5'3..
   Fra Stevens..17..5'6..
   John Swift..16..5'9..
   Robert Sharer..36..5'9..
Discharged July 5th, 1777.
   Isaac Smith(Jr.?)..21..5'7..
Disarted Aug. 18th, 1777.
   Luke Swetland..46..5'5..
Dischargd Jan. 8th, 1778.
   Adam Showers..23..6'..
Deserted 18th, Jan., 1777.
   (Torn) bal Torry (Jr.?)..-..5'6..
Deserted 11th, Jan., 1777.
-End Of Roster on Page 263-
The Following Additonal Names appear on a list of Durkee's Co. in Penn. Rev. Records, Vol. II, p.112.
   Edward Settler
   Walter Baldwin
   Waterman Baldwin
   James Bagley
   Charles Bennett
   Asa Brown
   David Brown
   James Brown, Jr.
   Moses Brown
   William Buck Jr.
   Eleazer Butter
   Isaac Harding
   Thomas Harding
   Asa Smith
   William Terry
   John Tubbs
   Samuel Tubbs
   Ephraim Tyler
   Edward Walker
   Obadiah Walker
   James Wells, Jr.
   Nathaniel Williams
   Thomas Wilson
-End Of Durkee Roster On Top Of Page 264 in Connecticut In the Revolution.-
(This Complete Roster was transcribed by
Raymond W. LeMay III
Do not republish without permission)