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Roster Of
Capt. Samuel Ransom's Company and Later
Capt. Simon Spalding's United Company
Captain Ransom's/Captain Spalding's Company
   Captain Samuel Ransom..Wyoming..
Com. Aug. 26, '76; served in N.J. and Penn.., '77-'78; resigned May-June, '78; killed in Massacre July 3d, '78.
   1st Lieutenant Perrin Ross..Wyoming..
Com. Aug. 26, '76.
   2nd Lieutenant..Simon Spalding..
Com. Aug 26, '76; prom. Capt. of the united company; as below.
   Lieutenant..Timothy Pierce..
Com. Prom. Ensign from Serj. Dec 3, '77; prom. Lieut. Jan. 17, '78; see Spalding's Co. below.
   Ensign..Matthew Hollenback..
Com. Aug. 26, '76.
Non-Commissioned Officers And Privates.
(The Following List as Printed In
"Penn. Rev. Records." Vol. II. p. 114.)
(Arranged as follows; Name , Age, Size(Ft.,Inch.)
and Remarks)
   Wilson, Parker..
Rept. killed at Wyoming massacre, July 3d, '78.
   Pasco, Josiah..
Rept. killed at Wyoming massacre, July 3d, '78.
   Alden, Mason Fitch
   Atherton, Caleb
   Benjamin, Isaac
   Bennett, Oliver
   Bennett, Rufus
   Beyale, Jesse
   Billings, Samuel
   Clark, Benjamin
   Cole, Benjamin
   Cooper, Price
   Corning, Josiah
   Gaylord, Ambrose
   Gaylord, Charles
   Gaylord, Justus
   Hempstead, Benjamin
   Hopkins, Timothy
   Kellogg, William
   Kinney, Lawrence
   Lawrence, Daniel..
Rept. killed at Wyoming massacre, July 3d, '78.
   McClure, William
   Marswell, Nicholas
   Mathewson, Constant
   Mathewson, Elisha
   Nash, Asahel
   Neal, Thomas
   O'Neal, John
   Osterhout, Peter
   Ormsbury, Amos
   Pickett, Thomas
   Roberts, Ebenezer
   Sawyer, Samuel
   Sawyer, Asa
   Satterly, Elisha
   Searle, Constant
Rept. killed at Wyoming massacre, July 3d, '78.
   Skiff, Stephen
   Smith, William Jr.
   Spencer, Robert
   Swift, John
   Van Gordon, John
   Walker, Elijah
   Worden, Caleb
   Worden, John
   Williams, Thomas
   Williams, Zeba
   Woodstock, Richard
-End Of Ransom/Spaldings United Company Roster On Page 264 in Connecticut In the Revolution.-
(This Complete Roster was transcribed by
Raymond W. LeMay III
Do not republish without permission)