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My Ancestor Of Capt. Robert Durkee's Company
My 5th Great Grandfather
Private John Tubbs
John Tubbs Born At Lyme/Lynn, Connecticut in 1752 the son of Samuel Tubbs and Mercy Tozer.
John married Sarah Sims
(Born October 20th, 1743 in Lebanon)
Daughter of
George Sims and Temperance Dammon
Married at
Lebanon,New London County, Connecticut.
John and Sarah had John Tubbs born June 20th, 1774 at Kingston, PA or Wyoming, PA.
and My 4th Great Grandfather George Tubbs born Nov./Dec. 1775 in Kingston/Wyoming PA.
John with his Brother Lebbeus, was one of the CT Settlers of the Wyoming Valley of PA on Lands of the Susquehanna County. John Tubbs was a Taxpayer in Kingston, PA in 1776. During the Revolutionary War, he enlisted September 19, 1776 and served in Captain Robert Durkee's Company of Colonel John Durkee's Regiment in the 4th CT Line.
This is John Tubbs Service File:
The First Page was a Copy of the Front Card(Looks like a Muster Roll Index Card); which said his name in Cursive on top of what looks like a muster card the name Tubbs, John.
Beneath 4th Connecticut Regiment.
Revolutionary War.
Then 2 Area Rows, Private on Left and Private on Right.
Then Says Card Numbers.
Numbers 1 and 2 have 2, 8 Digit Numbers.
Then on Bottom,Number of Personal Papers Herein, looks like a 0.
And Book Mark has a check next to it and See Also also has a check next to it.
The Next Copy page, had 2 cards on it.
Left side 1st card says:
T, 4, Conn.
John Tubbs
Rank Prv.
(Revolutionary War)
Appears On
Return Of Officers And Men
belonging to Capts. Ransom And Durkee's Companies, stationed at Wyoming, who were considered as part of the quota of the State of Connecticut, and have been included in the settlement made with the line of said State:
Commenecement Of Service Jan. 1, 1777.
Then it's just several rows of blank lines.
Then on the Bottom of the Card, a very faint looks like a stamp next to Book Mark: and below the Copyist's name.
Then copy of next card on the right of the left card has T 4, Conn. on top again, and John Tubbs.
Then a line, Capt. Robert Durkee's Co.
(Revolutionary War)
Appears on a
of the organization named above.
Roll dated.
Summerset Co. Milstone Feb. 10,1777.
Then Remarks:
Several Rows of Blank Lines
And below Copyists name.
(The entire card on right side of page is all typed.)

Fought At The Battle Of "Millstone River" or The Battle Of Millstone or sometimes called
The Battle of Van Nest's Mills, Jan. 20th 1777.
Recieved a Bounty for Service at Battle.
Was one of 50 Pennsylvania Riflemen who served during Battle.
The Pennsylvania Continental "riflemen" were the men of Captain Durkee from the Wyoming Valley.
On or about the 20th of January, 1777, they took part in the battle of Millstone, and for their brave and gallant conduct on that occasion, received the thanks of his commanding officers, in general orders. It is believed he was afterward in the actions at Bound Brook; at Brandywine; at Germantown; and at Mud Fort. Also it is believed he wintered with his company at Valley Forge.
While with the Army at Morristown, NJ he contracted "Camp Distemper"(Dystentry) and was furloughed home.
He died of it and was buried at his
house(homestead) in Kingston,PA.
There is also another account that he died
July 3rd, 1778 at the
Battle Of Wyoming at Wyoming,PA and may have been buried there as well.
The recent 2003 DAR index says he died in CT.
I am still trying to prove, how he died and where  exactly where he was buried.
If anyone has any information on him or the family please don't hesitate to contact me.